Dallas Chinese Community Center

Dallas Chinese Community


The mission of the Dallas Chinese Community Center is to promote Chinese culture and to foster diversity through educational, cultural and recreational programs and activities that enrich the lives of immigrants and broad American society.


The DCCC Passport Membership website will allow a small organization (one paid employee) the ability to manage a growing membership body by pushing a large portion of inquiries to the web. Hopefully, this format will allow the volunteer board to focus their efforts on marketing the program and reduce some of the administrative strain. The program will provide an exciting new way for people who previously were unaware of the DCCC to get involved in programs and will offer an additional revenue stream to the center.

New users should be able to learn about the Membership program and its benefits, and link to the primary DCCC website. They will then be able to join the DCCC as a member using an easy interface. Ideally, returning visitors will be able to login and manage or renew their membership.

Members should have access to the list of current benefits, the cost, and how to join. They should be able to interact by joining as a new member, updating their current membership (including email opt in/out), or contacting us via email or phone.

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